Story Time with Wilson Rides

Story Time with Wilson Rides features true-life stories from seniors who are part of the Wilson Rides Program, a non-profit organization in Wilson County, TN, that provides rides to seniors who no longer drive or seldom drive. Gaye Lynn Wilson, Executive Director of Wilson Rides, discovered that she and the other drivers heard the most amazing stories as they transported seniors to medical appointments, shopping trips, or simply to meet with friends and family. The tales of growing up in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, the great depression, stories of military service, new inventions, the number of presidents they have lived through and the changes our seniors have witnessed in their own local communities are just so fascinating. They were also amazed to hear about the things our seniors are still doing. In this inaugural season of Story Time, award winning writer and storyteller Jules Corriere sits down with some of Wilson County’s local seniors and asks them about their lives. These are their stories.

This project was created from a Creative Aging grant with the Tennessee Arts Commission and part of the Tennessee ECD ThreeStar Program.